Monday, February 13, 2012

Take it Off Monday: Getting Physical

This past week has been one of my best weeks, physically, that is! On Tuesday morning, I overslept a bit for my 5:30am start time.. as in, I woke up at about 5:45am which is when I'd normally be heading out the door! I tried to use my lateness as an accelerant to get my 2.5 miler done in 30 minutes, it sort of worked as I came in with a time of 35:20. Not too shabby!

On Wednesday, I was going to meet a friend at the gym, but decided to spend the evening with my little family and then got in some beginner's Pilates and did some strength training with weights after the little ones went to bed. Gotta love fitness On Demand!

On Thursday, I repeated the same route and felt pretty great as I did it, but my time was about 2 minutes slower. Thursday runs are always a little slow for me. I think it's because it's the end of a work week and my body is tired.

With this in mind, I tried a little experiment as my Saturday runs have seemed to suffer from the same "end of week exhaustion" as the Thursday runs. My experiment was to go to bed earlier (more rest) and increase my water intake throughout the week. I was hoping it could boost my endurance. I'd say it was successful because come Saturday, and the challenge of my 3.6 mile group run, I was able to run the entire distance without walking! I didn't even walk up the ginormous hill between mile 1 and 2! I took a picture of that damn hill, but my phone forgot to save's better this way!

Anyway, I was on a pretty big high from all of this physical fitness, that I was sure the scale would be looking nice too.... not so much... stuck on the same number. At first I was just plain mad, but then I thought to myself "Do not let this machine diminish your achievements!" and then I threw it at the wall... not really, but I thought about it!

So anyhow, there's not anything exciting to post! Still down 10lbs, still running, and feeling great! I even braved trying on some old jeans and an old top I found in the back of my closet and...

They fit! Yay! Take that scale!

So, this week I have 3 miles on Tuesday, 3.5 on Thursday, and then I'll attempt 4 miles on Saturday! Yikes!!!

Have a fit week, friends!

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