Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Highlights

Thanksgiving Hangover

I've got what I can only describe as a Thanksgiving Hangover....

My kids have it too....

The holidays are so busy for our family since both sides live in town and we feel obligated to give equal time to each side. We have an awesome time catching up and giving thanks, but it is busy! On Thursday, Alex went and played football with his buddies at a local school while I stayed home and cooked and watched the parade and tended to the kids (poor Audrey had a slight fever). Once he got home we all got ready to head over to my parents' house for Thanksgiving Mid-Afternoon Lunch. Although stuffed, we had another Thanksgiving to eat at Alex's Parents' house. We got home around 11pm and the kids were SPENT!

On Friday, we headed to Busch Garden's Christmas Town. It was amazing, but yet another late evening and exhaustingly fun day for the kiddos.

On Saturday, Alex went fishing and me, my Mom, and the kids went shopping and then met back up with Alex and my Dad for the UVA v. VA Tech football game. We got home by about 7pm but the kids' schedules were now out of whack from the previous days.

On Sunday, I vowed to do nothing except get the Christmas decorations up.

I somewhat succeeded... I still have garland to put on the mantle. I also contracted a lovely cold complete with nasty mucus and  bark-like cough!

Monday was hard! The whole family was suffering from a Thanksgiving Hangover - a sign that we did it up right this year! No one wanted to get out of bed, no one wanted to go to work or school, and it took several doses of ibprofen to get me through the day!

Anyone else got a hangover or have a cure?