Friday, December 16, 2011

So Put Together

I may look like I am put together... I have on clean clothes, my hair is done, I'm even wearing make up! But below the surface I'm hiding a deep, dark, prickly secret.... I'm talking about my legs, people!

If you told me 5 years ago that I would barely have time to shave my legs, I would be one of those snotty girls that exclaimed, "children and work will never hinder me from maintaining myself! You have to make it a priority!" HA!! I laugh at that girl and implore her to relish her well manintained, silky, smooth stems for the next 4 years. I maintain myself alright, about once a week when I am able to get out of bed the first time the alarm goes off..

Priorities? Let me tell you about my priorities - in no particular order...

  • Raising happy, clean, fed, and healthy kids
  • Getting enough sleep to make sure I'm only on the brink of insanity at all times
  • Being a maverick at work
  • Being a healthy momma
  • Beng a good wife - shockingly, without shaving my legs!

The clean clothes, make up, and hair are just icing on the cake and part of an illusion to fool you into thinking that I am sooo put together! The biggest thing I have going for me right now is that it is chilly out and therefore, I am able to keep my deep, dark, prickly secret hidden under a pair of wool trousers...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesay - A Few of My Favorite Things... from the past week..

The Christmas bow I made for Audrey's Christmas outfit - who knew I could be so crafty!

Date night on Friday, which included a designated driver - Thanks, Samantha! - and an overnight stay for the kids - Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Vincent playing at his friend's 4th Birthday party

Finally finishing my Christmas decorations and cleaning my floors!

 The view from my window in my new office!

I think I'm going to Like it Here...

Sorry it's been a little quiet on the blog recently....

I still have kids and they're still doing funny stuff... Vincent thinks the song "Santa, Baby" is hilarious because "Santa's not a baby!!!" Duh! And just this morning he told me "Mommy, I going to help you out, you wore that yesterday!" Um, I guess I need to expand my wardrobe past black on black...

Audrey is getting soooo big. She's trying to crawl and pull herself up. It's amazing to watch her! She's also developed the most precious laugh I have ever heard. When she starts laughing, it cracks me up which then, cracks her up. Last night, she figured out that if she pulled my hair, I would groan and that was hysterical to her! We laughed at each other for about 20 minutes and then she passed out!

In other news, I've started my new job! My office has a window and I'm interviewing potential Grad Assistants on Friday! While it definetly seems like it is going to be challenging, I am ready and excited to be heading down this new path in my ever-developing career!