Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Baptism, Beer, Birthday

We have another fun weekend in store! Did you expect anything less?

Tomorrow, our dear, little Audrey Grace is getting Baptized! We should have had it done months ago, but it didn't work out that way and now it's better late than never. So, tomorrow is the day! We will be attending the 5:15pm Mass and then the priest will conduct a private Baptism directly after the Mass. Directly after the baptism will be a food and drink reception... yes, that means I have put on two different shindigs in the past three weeks! Yes, I am crazy! Yes, I will be relaxing from Sunday on... no more parties for awhile... I think... I hope...

On Sunday, my husband and I have planned a day in the Charlotteville area sans children. We're going to go to lunch and then we're going to hit up the Star Hill Brewery for a tour and tastings. We may even have time to sneak in a trip to one of the wineries in the area too! Why are we doing this? Yes, because we love wine and spirits and also because Monday is my Birthday!

Almost 28 years ago....

My Mommy gave birth to this little chunker - 10lbs 10oz (Thank God my children did not follow in their mother's footsteps!)

Recognize the cheeks?

So, those are my three words.... Baptism, Beer, Birthday - sounds fun, right?!?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: 5 months

About 18 months ago, I was doing an activity in one of my grad school classes. The activity was supposed to be an icebraker that we could use while conducting group therapy sessions and it involved passing around Chinese fortune cookies, breaking them open and reading your fortune out loud. I loved this idea and thought it was a neat and different idea to try with a group. I wasn't expecting much  seeing as the "fortunes" that I usually receive are not really fortunes! They're usually wise sayings like "one who is always talking is rarely listening." That is not a fortune! So, when it was finally my time to crack open my fortune, I was pleasantly surprised to read a true fortune....

"A beautiful person will be entering your life."

I knew what I hoped it meant, Alex and I had begun discussions of when to start trying for a new addition to our family just days before the cookie activity, but would it come true? Was it a sign that we were ready? ...Beautiful? I know, little boys are just as beautiful as little girls, but could it mean.... a daughter?!?! All these questions from a stupid fortune cookie! Why, oh why, does everything have to mean something to me?!?!

On Monday, my sweet, little Audrey turned 5 months old! It seems to have passed in the blink of an eye! She's smiling and laughing, rolling over, trying to sit up and does not like it when momma leaves her sight or lets others hold her!!

She's a Momma's girl for sure and is happiest when in my arms!

But also has a deep connection with her big brother, who loves to talk to her, hold her hand and shower her with kisses. They seem to have their own language and I often catch Vincent and Audrey jibber jabbering away to each other...

And Daddy's not so bad either... when she actually lets him hold her...

What a great 5 months it has been! I'm so glad this beautiful person has entered my life!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite You Tube Videos

Me and my co-workers are constantly exchanging you tube videos... here are 10 of my favorites!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Happy Tuesday!











Monday, September 26, 2011

Vincent's Spidey Birthday Party

I'm happy to finally post some fun pictures from Vincent's Spidey Birthday!!

Vincent's Birthday Party was sooo much fun! My parents' graciously hosted it at their house since our townhouse backyard is in no way large enough for the party I was planning!

First of all, here's the cake from the fabulous Alexis - I placed Vincent's spider-man figurine and a 3 candle on the platform in the middle, but failed to get a shot (so upset at the FAIL!)!

How Sweet It Is ~ Cakes by Alexis

Vincent loves to jump and act rambuncious all.the.time, so I just knew this was the year for the bounce house birthday party and I was happy to locate a spider-man bounce house!

Vincent was sooooo excited he could barely wait till it was all put together and blown up!

Finally! It was ready!!

The day ended up being a little soggy with rain, but thankfully we had the easy up tent so we all huddled under the tent and had snacks! The rain didn't damper the bounce house play at all though, those boys continued to bounce their little hearts out!

This year, I also did a pinata! I figured that the kids would be old enough to be able to do it and be excited for the treats that came pouring out!

Here I am shaking it up!

The pinata wasn't the kind you hit with a bat, but one that came with ribbons - the kids took turns, one-at-a-time they each got to pull a ribbon.

 Vincent got to pull the last ribbon and out came the treats!

We also had lots of fun Spider-man tatoos....

and Spider-man masks...

After blowing out the candles it was present time - Vincent was completely spoiled!

Audrey didn't even realize all of the fun she was missing....

Overall, the party was a success! The kids had fun and Vincent LOVED every second of it! The rain even let up so it barely put a damper on the day!

Now, the bounce house deflated, the cake eaten, the presents unwrapped and here I am the mother of a three-year-old....