Monday, September 26, 2011

Vincent's Spidey Birthday Party

I'm happy to finally post some fun pictures from Vincent's Spidey Birthday!!

Vincent's Birthday Party was sooo much fun! My parents' graciously hosted it at their house since our townhouse backyard is in no way large enough for the party I was planning!

First of all, here's the cake from the fabulous Alexis - I placed Vincent's spider-man figurine and a 3 candle on the platform in the middle, but failed to get a shot (so upset at the FAIL!)!

How Sweet It Is ~ Cakes by Alexis

Vincent loves to jump and act rambuncious all.the.time, so I just knew this was the year for the bounce house birthday party and I was happy to locate a spider-man bounce house!

Vincent was sooooo excited he could barely wait till it was all put together and blown up!

Finally! It was ready!!

The day ended up being a little soggy with rain, but thankfully we had the easy up tent so we all huddled under the tent and had snacks! The rain didn't damper the bounce house play at all though, those boys continued to bounce their little hearts out!

This year, I also did a pinata! I figured that the kids would be old enough to be able to do it and be excited for the treats that came pouring out!

Here I am shaking it up!

The pinata wasn't the kind you hit with a bat, but one that came with ribbons - the kids took turns, one-at-a-time they each got to pull a ribbon.

 Vincent got to pull the last ribbon and out came the treats!

We also had lots of fun Spider-man tatoos....

and Spider-man masks...

After blowing out the candles it was present time - Vincent was completely spoiled!

Audrey didn't even realize all of the fun she was missing....

Overall, the party was a success! The kids had fun and Vincent LOVED every second of it! The rain even let up so it barely put a damper on the day!

Now, the bounce house deflated, the cake eaten, the presents unwrapped and here I am the mother of a three-year-old....

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