Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Baptism, Beer, Birthday

We have another fun weekend in store! Did you expect anything less?

Tomorrow, our dear, little Audrey Grace is getting Baptized! We should have had it done months ago, but it didn't work out that way and now it's better late than never. So, tomorrow is the day! We will be attending the 5:15pm Mass and then the priest will conduct a private Baptism directly after the Mass. Directly after the baptism will be a food and drink reception... yes, that means I have put on two different shindigs in the past three weeks! Yes, I am crazy! Yes, I will be relaxing from Sunday on... no more parties for awhile... I think... I hope...

On Sunday, my husband and I have planned a day in the Charlotteville area sans children. We're going to go to lunch and then we're going to hit up the Star Hill Brewery for a tour and tastings. We may even have time to sneak in a trip to one of the wineries in the area too! Why are we doing this? Yes, because we love wine and spirits and also because Monday is my Birthday!

Almost 28 years ago....

My Mommy gave birth to this little chunker - 10lbs 10oz (Thank God my children did not follow in their mother's footsteps!)

Recognize the cheeks?

So, those are my three words.... Baptism, Beer, Birthday - sounds fun, right?!?

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