Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Organization

My kids are spoiled! They have every toy under the sun... almost! I put my foot down on overly big items, because in our approximately 1300 sq. ft. townhome, we just do not have the space! Well, over the past couple of years a mound has been growing! At first, it was neatly tucked with the couch obstructing a full view, but with the birth of my daugher and yet another birthday for my so, it has become its own entity! With the threat of Christmas, and yet more toys, I knew something HAD to be done!

Christmas came and the mound remained and even developed its own gravitational pull! Every once in a while I'd hear a creak and think...AVALANCHE!!!... but it never fell...thankfully!

And so as the clock struck 12 and we rang in a New Year, I resolved that this was the year I would become more organized! My house would be more organized! And then we would all be happier and higher functioning in a tidier, more organized space!

I've already identified several areas to organize in my tiny home, but the toy mound was first on my list and I already knew how I was going to attack it and so.... here it is....



Yes, there was a fireplace behind there!


Shelf - Target, $34
Green Canvas Boxes - Target, $11

Both were on sale, I'm guessing organization is a big New Year's resolution!

Also, here are my guys putting the shelf together!

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Alexis said...

Great job! I have been following this blog for awhile now. She has some amazing organizational tips....makes me really motivated to get this place together! Check her out!