Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HOLY Week!!!

If you're a Catholic, like me, you should probably know that we are officially in the midst of Holy Week. This year, Holy Week is especially crazy for me since I am sponsoring a young woman who will be baptized during Saturday night's Easter Vigil. Since January, I have been attending Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults classes with her and helping her to prepare for her baptism and initiation into the Catholic Church.

This week, however, between church services and Lenten retreats, I am booked solid with work obligations and doctor's appointments for my crazy lung situation. Here's a glimpse into my HOLY Week:

Monday: Work and Hair Salon

Check out my new do!

Tuesday: Pulmonologist Appointment, Work, Lenten Retreat till 8pm

Wednesday: Work till 6pm and maybe actually see my kids!

Thursday: Lung Biopsy and Holy Thursday Service

Good Friday: Work and Mass

Saturday: Prayer, Easter Vigil Rehearsal, Easter Vigil, CAKE!

Sunday: Easter Festivities

Countdown to vacation...... not soon enough!!!

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