Monday, July 25, 2011

Old Friends

I've come to notice that the best friendships in life are the ones that don't require much maintenance. Sure, in a perfect world I would have enough time to maintain the perfect balance - family, friends, kids, work, hobbies, housework, husband - but that  is just not realistic! The perfect friendships are the ones where you can pick up right where you left off whether it's been 2 weeks or 2 years.

I'm lucky enough to have several of those types of friendships and was excited to pick right back up with my sorority sister this weekend. She and her 15 month old son came down for the day and we took the kids to the Children's Museum.. The kids had a blast and I got a chance to catch up with my old friend. I also learned that I am going to have to re-childproof my house for when Audrey starts moving around - I forgot how much trouble a 15 month old can get into at my house :)

Fun pictures from the day:

 Vincent playing at the water table - it almost took an act of God to get him away!
 Vincent and my Friend's son - Vincent was helping him climb up the slide, what a nice guy!
Audrey hanging out in the kangaroo pouch, wondering when she'll be able to get down and play!

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