Friday, August 12, 2011

Y3W: One Crazy Week

Do you ever have those weeks where you look back and know it was crazy, but you have no idea what you did? Yeah, that was my week! Once, I started examining the week, I figured out pretty quickly why it was such a crazy week!

As I've said before, my life starts to get crazy again in August and  I wasn't joking. I started the week out with a fuzzy feeling throat. My body wanted to get sick and was trying its best to develop something, but a cocktail of ibprofen, claritan, and nasal spray along with my prenatal vitamin seemed to keep the sickness at bay.

The work days were busy and before I knew it, I would look at the clock and realize it was time to go home. I had atleast one meeting every day, lunch dates, and an all day staff retreat on Thursday. This was amongst meeting with students and developing a training session on effective communication. And guess what?!?  Next week promises to be even busier!

After work, I went to the grocery store Monday night, the eye doctor on Tuesday, Target with both kids on Wednesday, and happy hour on Thursday. Once at home, all I could do was get dinner on the table and cleaned up before passing out on the couch each and every night. Of course I made sure to pass out before packing bags and making bottles for the following day, which meant that I got to wake up and rush around each morning!

And sleeping? What's that? I may have fallen asleep on the couch, but Miss Audrey surely wasn't going to give me an easy time this week! Each night she'd wake up several times a night just to fuss. I'd always look at the clock thinking it was time to get up for the day since I am used to her sleeping through the night, but no the clock would read 2:30am, or 3:00am - one night we did get to 4:30am so that was generous!
So, all in all, it was one crazy week, but I guess it's just training for the crazy weeks that lie ahead!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Sounds like a very busy week. I am sure it can only get better we hope!
New follower from y3w. Have a great week.

zaylyn said...

You seem very busy. Hope all is calm next week and you are feeling better.New follower from your three words hop. Hope you could stop by my blog and follow back.