Friday, August 26, 2011

Your Three Words: I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it to Friday!!!!!!! I still have a few more programs and meetings, but  - I made it!!! Thank you to my friends - fast food, Diet Dr. Pepper, an of course, Coffee - I couldnt have done it without you all!

 It's the end of a very long Welcome Week and we've welcomed about 3,800 new students by feeding them constantly, outfitting them with tons of new t-shirts, entertaining them every.single.night, and teaching them about getting involved and staying out of trouble. Throw in training 7 brand new student employees, an earth quake on Tuesday, and the ominous threat of  hurricane Irene this weekend and we have the makings of one of the most unique Welcome Weeks of all time!

I may seem whiny about this past week, but the truth is that I really enjoy it. I can't believe that it was 10 years ago that I stepped foot onto my own college campus and took in all the excitment of Welcome Week. I want to pull each new student aside and tell them about all of the great things that they have in store for the next 4, or 5, or 6 years!


What are your three words this week? Link up!


Carolyn said...

TGIF....wait, is that 4 or 1 words? LOL

Thank you for linking up on the w/w hop! I have another hop going on today (Fridays) called “Flash-back-Friday.” Link up an old post for a flash form the past! It’s like looking in an old scrapbook. Feel free to link up! I’ll choose a random blog to feature each week. See you soon!

The Mrs. said...

I'm in higher ed too and trying to survie welcome week! Our move-in began yesterday and should continue over the weekend but Irene is definitely putting a damper on things. I statred college 10 years ago too so I know your sentiments :) I'm looking forward to the What's cooking challenges as I am starting maternity leave soon and can't wait to try out new recipes please keep us posted!

~The Mrs.-new follower from Jenni's blog hop.

Amy T said...

I couldn't imagine doing Welcome Week 9 months pregnant - you should get an award! I was like 7 weeks pregnant for Welcome Week last year and that was hard enough! Thanks for reading!