Thursday, October 27, 2011

Convos in the Car

Every afternoon, Vincent and I drive about 20 minutes to the sitters house where we pick up Audrey. During this time, we chat, listen to music, or throw epic temper tantrums because Mommy won't follow the fire truck.

Yesterday, Vincent was jibber jabbering about "you be the mommy and I'll be the daddy."
So, bravely, I decided to ask him "What do Mommies do?"
According to my three year old "Mommies go to work and clean up toys."
They also "make rice for me to eat."
That answer seemed fair, so I decided to test the waters further...
"What do daddies do?" I asked slyly.
And the answer?!?
"Daddies watch Batman, Transformers, and Spider-man." "They eat a lot too!"

WOW. No wonder Vincent wanted to play the Daddy! Can I?

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