Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Audrey is 6 months old!!!

Top Ten {Tuesday}
Yes! I can hardly believe it myself! There are so many great things about having a 6 month old!


1. Being able to sit up on her own (if only for a couple of seconds)

2. Starting Solids, or getting more adventurous with solids

3. Watching her play, especially with big brother!

4. Baby giggles

Yes,  I know she sounds like the Count on Sesame Street :)

5. Discovering new things (even if it is her feet)

6. Waking up and greeting mommy with a smile

7. Watching her try to crawl - Video to come soon :)

8. Having serious, in depth conversations with her

9. Watching her light up when someone she recognizes comes in the room

10. Seeing her grow...

Happy Half Birthday Audrey!

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