Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re-Living Childhood

Last night, I got the side-eye from my three year old. I got the full-on "mom, what the hell are you doing!" look from my pre-schooler!

Why, you ask?!?

Because I just couldn't stop myself from singing every.single.word to Disney's The Lion King! I may have added choreography as well as I belted out "Oh, I just can't wait to be kiiiiiinnnnnggg!" or chanted "hakuna matata, hukuna matata" along with Timon and Pumbaa.

I couldn't help myself!

This is the fun part about having kids! The Lion King came out when I was in middle school, I LOVED it, but was way too cool to sing and dance along... in front of people. Parenthood gives you a chance to re-live your childhood through your children's eyes and enjoy and experience all the simple things in life all over again. Obviously, I know The Lion King, word for word, and I already knew how the story would un-fold, but watching Vincent see and enjoy the Lion King was like seeing the whole movie for the first time!

I may have got the side-eye at first as his senses were overloaded with color and music, but pretty soon Vincent and I were both working on our roarrrrrrs!

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