Friday, November 11, 2011

Y3W: Thank you, Veterans!

Today is Veteran's Day, a day to reflect and appreciate those who have served our country.

I can honestly say that I never fully appreciated this day until I worked at a church. Veterans suffering from PTSD and physical injuries would find their way over to the church from the Veteran's Hospital looking for help paying bills, jobs, and food. These brave people served our country and sacrificed everything and  were reduced to knocking on church doors. I am not trying to get political and I surely don't know what the answer is, but THANK YOU, Veterans!

Talking about sacrifice, I never fully understood what that meant until I had a family of my own. I rely heavily on my husband to co-parent and be a present partner to me. I couldn't imagine having to cope with a partner overseas, risking his life, while also trying to manage a household and raise children. Our veterans are amazing, THANK YOU!

I'm lucky enough to have a dear friend or two in the military, I have seen them sacrifice their personal lives for the personal freedoms of Americans. THANK YOU!

The very least I can do is say THANK YOU!

Happy Veteran's Day!

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