Monday, January 9, 2012

Wheels are Turning!!!

I am a freak! After pulling off a very Spidey 3rd Birthday one weekend and then turning around and throwing Audrey's Baptism the very next weekend, I definitely needed a party planning hiatus, but I have two very special occasions coming up this Spring and my freakish tendencies will not allow me to give less than 2 months of planning time! What are these very special occasions you ask? Well, this March my husband and best friend turns 30 years old! He was 18 when we started dating and now he is turning 30! I cannot believe it!! And in April, sweet, little Audrey Grace turns 1. Oh my goodness I can barely believe these two milestones and want to do it up right.

For my husband, I am thinking some adult fun! Everyone get your sitters ready - March 10th! I'm not sure where it will be, or exactly what it will be, but brace yourselves!

For Audrey, I've know for quite some time that I wanted to do the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. I've even saved some ideas on pinterest! We've rented out a clubhouse for the affair and I am planning to do lots of snacks, lollipop favors, and great decorations. All I need to do is come up with some fun activities for the kiddos and design the invites.

Yes, I understand that these Birthdays are occurring in March and April and it is still January, but my wheels are turning and if you didn't already know - I'm a freak!

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