Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dealing with Health

So my journey to the Monument Avenue 10k ended suddenly with a bout of pneumonia, a chest x-ray, a CT scan, and finally a referral to a pulmonologist for further diagnosis and treatment.

Yes, in case anyone noticed my recent absence from the blogging world, last week just wasn't my week. I spent much of my time in the Doctor's office and the rest of it chauffeuring my son to swim lessons, doesn't he look soo cute
and googling medical terms.

It all started a couple of days before my husband's 30th Birthday party when I began what I thought was a sinus infection. I developed the most obnoxious cough and after about a week of the cough and one night of not being able to breath very well, I decided to get it checked out by a Medical Doctor. At the Doctor's office, a chest x-ray showed a spot on my lung and the doctor decided, just to be safe, that I should go have a CT Scan. My CT Scan showed several swollen lymph nodes and a couple of pulmonary nodules in my lungs. Hence, I have ceased aerobic activities until I go see a lung specialist. Sadly, this means no 10k for right now. I would say I would walk it, but I don't even want to go there because I just know that I'll bee too tempted to go ahead and run anyway.

I have been really upset about this turn of events. I have trained so hard for this 10k. I know I can do it! A week prior to this bout I ran over 6 miles in 82 minutes. I met both of my goals - 1. to run at least 75% of the 6.2 miles, I ran all of it! 2. to finish in under 90 minutes - how's 82 minutes?!?!

With the positive in mind, I know this is not the end of me and running! Hopefully, I will have some answers soon and will be right back to beating the pavement! In fact, I have a 10k in May in mind for my new first race.

So, in the absence of aerobic activity, I need to get a new program. I am thinking some Pilate's and weights and doing some walking. This is Vincent's last week of his power swimming class (2 weeks straight of lessons from 6-7pm!) so I'll probably start incorporating this in next week.

Good luck to everyone participating in the Monument Ave. 10k, hoping to be there with you next year!

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