Monday, August 15, 2011

What We're Into...Right Now!

It seems as though my family's interests change with the season, so I thought I'd document what we're into...right now!


Right now, I feel like I am into soo many things! Anyone who's had a baby can probably tell you that there is a disconnect between you and the world around you for at least 2-3 months once your bundle of joy arrives. I think I am finally starting to reconnect so as far as things to do I've been into getting back in touch with my friends, socially, and family activities!

Here's what I'm reading:

I cannot put this book down and I cannot wait until the movie comes out!
 Here's what I'm watching:

This season of True Blood is soooo good!
Here's what I'm snacking on:

Sooo good and only 190 calories... sometimes, I put a little reduced fat peanut butter on top for some extra protein.


Alex fills his free time with fishing, a current obsession, and strategizing for his Fantasy Football League - there are spreadsheets and practice drafts involved... it's pretty crazy!

What he's reading (Online):

What he's watching (when I hand over the remote):

Am I sensing a pattern here??


Vincent is very active! He's really into role playing right now. Alex and I always have to be characters from Spider-man or Transformers while Vincent is always the hero...either Spider-man or Optimus Prime. Audrey and our dog, Bug, usually get cast as a character as well!

What he's reading:

Vincent really likes any book that you read to him, but his current favorites are:

He know's all of the dinosaurs and I can recite this book from beginning to end from memory!

Vincent loves Thomas and this book is really interactive so he can help drive the train!

What he's watching:

A remake of an old favorite, my husband showed this to Vincent and voila, new obsession - I guess I should've put this under my husband's interests as well! 

Same as Thundercats, Vincent and Alex both love this show - sooo glad I also have a daughter!
What he's snacking on:

OK, I'll admit it, I like them too!

Audrey is just a couple weeks shy of 4 months old, so right now she is working on rolling over in both directions, she has recently discovered her hands and feet and she is putting everything in her mouth!

What She's Reading:.

I love reading her simple books that have beautiful and colorful pictures!

What she's playing with: 

She loves hanging out in the exersaucer with all of the bright and cheery colors!
To aid her in rolling over, she spends lots of time on her back or belly on this mat. There is also a star that lights up and plays music that is mesmorizing!

So, we've all got our own interests going on at the present moment and I'm sure they will change by this time next month, but for now, this is what we're in to!

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