Monday, August 29, 2011

Planning a Very Spidey 3rd Birthday Party!

My son is OBSESSED with Spider-man.... OBSESSED! What 2 year old knows every single character from Spider-man?!?! That would be my son!

It all started when my husband decided that having a son of his own meant re-living his own childhood and with the luxury of modern day technology, all of the cartoons my husband grew up watching and loving are now at his fingertips. One thing he may have forgotten? To let our son age past two years of life before introducing him to the wonder that is Spider-man.... so, now we have a major fan on our hands. Like, such a big fan that the only shoes he will wear are Spider-man. Like, I have to tell him it's time to be Peter Parker in order to get him out of his Spider-man pjs!!

So, what theme do you think we are going with for his 3rd Birthday Party? You guessed it - The Amazing Spider-man!!!

Here's a little preview of the day:

So, of course I went out and grabbed all the Spider-man decor available:

For entertainment, I know I will need a lot going on to try to entertain a party full of small children:

1. Spider-man Pinata

Vincent's 1st Pinata!!

2. Spider-man Tatoo Station!

3. Spider-man coloring pages - I found these free downloadables online:

4. The main attraction:

Spider-man Bounce House!!!
For food, we're just doing snacks and cake and ice cream. I already have my fabulous cake lady on the job, so you'll just have to wait for party day to see it!!

Finally, I'm trying to think of a way to get my husband into a Spider-man costume... he is, afterall, the reason V is such a big fan!! Any suggestions?

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