Monday, September 12, 2011

Hilarious Daddy Moment

If there is a slight chance that my husband will make a mistake in dressing our children... it will happen!! Most of the time, if I have my life in order, I can lay out Vincent's clothes to try and minimize the damage, but sometimes it is beyond my control. So, I try not to get too upset when I pick Vincent up from daycare to find he's wearing plaid shorts with a striped shirt, or when he was a baby, there were many times I discovered a backwards onesie, but the wardrobe malfunction that occurred on Saturday is the most outrageous to date...

On Saturday, I was a hot mess! I was tired, the house was filthy from travelling for the past 3 weekends,  I had to be at work to give a presentation at the annual leadership conference, and we had friends coming over for dinner. It was the perfect storm of craziness! Amongst cleaning, grocery shopping, and getting myself ready and out the door for work, Alex had taken care of our kids by getting them dressed and fed. Everything seemed normal....

I got home around 4:30pm and was greeted by a happy toddler, almost pre-schooler. The VATech Hokies were playing, so Alex couldn't be bothered as Vincent proclaimed, "I have to go potty!" I escorted him to the bathroom and turned on the light. It wasn't until he had finished and began to pull up his underwear that I saw it... the missing bloomers to one of Audrey's dresses.. being used as....underwear! How those little 0-3 month bloomers fit an almost 3 year old, what my husband was thinking when he put them on - these thoughts raced through my mind as Vincent, somehow reading my mind, proudly stated that they were his "dinosaur underwear."

So, what did I do? After asking and getting a shrug from Alex, Vincent got to wear his teenie tiny, bikini cut looking "dinosuar underwear" for the rest of the day and I got a mental note to make sure I took extra care to keep the kids' clothes separated!

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