Friday, September 16, 2011

Y3W: One BIG Weekend

One this day 5 years ago, I married my best friend.... 5 whole years ago! It has barely felt like 5 years, but here it is, staring us in the face! It's fun to look back and remember the day, but our marriage grows stronger and better with each passing year. I feel very accomplished today!

Two years after our wedding, I was overdue in my pregnancy by 4 days and I was huge and I was scheduled to be induced the following day, on the 17th of September. I didn't really like the date and had had the 18th in mind for my son's birthday during my entire pregnancy. So, on the 17th, I waddled myself to the hospital at 5am, was hooked up to all the machines and waited and waited...and then waited some more. I waited until it was 1:49am when it was finally time to push... 15 minutes later, at 2:04am, on Thursday, September 18th, Vincent Alexander came into this world!

 I can't believe that on Sunday I will be the mother of a 3 year old! A walking, talking, thinking, vibrant, adoreable, hilarious, smart, passionate little person.

Life is amazing!

So, with two very important dates so close together, we have one BIG weekend! Tonight, my husband and I will have our first date night since Audrey was born - yes, she's almost 5 months old - we like to do family things with our kids, so it's not like we've been hermits! Tomorrow, is Vincent's big 3rd Birthday Spidey Party!

I'm excited to celebrate all.weekend.long.

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Tessa said...

Happy anniversary and good luck with the birthday party!

Christina said...

Life is Good, Happy Anniversary 5th to you and Alex. And Happy 3rd Birthday to my "Cutie Pie"

Samantha said...

Hope you enjoyed date night! The birthday party was super fun, Caeleb and Noah had a blast.