Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, I mean Monday!

What a worldwind mini-vacay I've had! So much so that I keep thinking that it is Sunday, when's definitely Monday! I even sat patiently waiting for 9pm so that I could watch the new Trueblood... that came on last night.... wow!

So, how did the weekend shape up? Pretty wicked awesome! The zoo was great, Vincent LOVED it! Lions, tigers, elephants, snakes, gorillas.... he was excited about everything! It's soo much fun to see him so engaged and excited! What sucked...the traffic heading back to Richmond and my poor little Audrey was not having it! If the car wasn't moving, she was screaming!

The yard sale was super successful...Kind of... I made $40 and got rid of only a quarter of the baby clothes... so Once Upon A Child get ready, I'm bringing about 6 diaper boxes full of toddler clothes and shoes your way...

The yard sale ended just in time for the season opener of VATech football... the score was 67-13 Hokie - not really much of a game, but proud the Hokies got off to a winning start!

Lastly, our cousins invited us to their recently purchased river house and we jumped at the opportunity for two days of boating, fishing, and playing in the water. I think it's safe to say the Alex's fishing rut officially ended this summer. After not catching anything in OBX in May, he's been doing well with his pond fishing and today him and his cousin brought back 40 fish... yes... 40!

So, now we say goodbye to another awesome summer and hello to all the fun of the Fall - football, apple festival, birthdays, Audrey's baptism and cool weather! Can't wait!

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