Friday, September 9, 2011

Y3W: Rain, Rain, Rain

I'm feeling a little bit soggy and the only thing that can fix that is some good ole' sunshine! Dillusionally, I even wore my sunglasses in the car this foggy morning, not because it was super sunny, but more wishful thinking! It has been raining in Virginia for about 4 days - and not just little rain showers here and there, no... torrential downpours with lightening and thunder It seemed as though it rained the hardest while trying to get to work and drop off kids each morning - nightmare! My dinky umbrella was no match and usually I came to work wet which means... a week of bad hair days! The rain also kept my son from being able to go outside and burn off some almost three year old energy which means...small child bouncing of the walls every night! I know that we needed some rain, but flash flooding and over 10 inches in one week??

So, anyway, the sun seems to be peaking through the clouds and hopefully this will be the end of one very wet week!

Here's a rainbow - please wish for sun!

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Jamie said...

I LOVE your happy sun picture... I'm a big fan of rainbows. :o)

I'm a new follower from the Y3W Blog Hop. Nice to "meet" you; I look forward to reading!

For Love of Cupcakes

Tessa said...

I hope you get some good weather this weekend!